• TITLE: Rejection
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Edition: 5 copies
  • Released: 2015, November 5th
  • Format: Mini - CDr
Other: All of the 5 copies where given to friends.
Came in a A5 sized plasticbag, sealed with ducktape.
And blood stains from both members on disc. 
  • TITLE: 'Sonitus'
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM004
  • Edition: 1 copy
  • Released: 2016, January 6th
  • Format: CDr
Other: TNM ANTi - Artefact number 4. Edition of 1 copies. A relic from the recording of the album 'Manifesto X' in The Old Courthouse in Ljung, Sweden on the 27th of December 2015.
A sawblade that was used during the recording by TNM and the two nylons, weared as masks by the members on the recording. The sawblade is signed and smeared with the members blood.
Mounted in a black metal frame behind glass with grey silk.
On the back it is mounted a brown paper bag with 9 unique photos from the show and the Manifesto X on photo paper.
Also include a printed CDr with black data-layer with the whole show, unmastered. 
  • TITLE: Manifesto X
  • Label: Private
  • Cat. No: TNM003
  • Edition: 100 copies
  • Released: 2016, March 26th
  • Format: LP
Other: Recorded live in The Old Courthouse, Ljung, Sweden on th 27th & 28th of December 2015.

ANTi Performers - KENNY JOHANSSOn [Hate Poem] & TONY ERIKSSOn [Total Examination].

Mastered By JAN KRUML.

4 different versions:

  • Version 3 [Deluxe Edition] - 5 Copies.
    A hand made metal boxset incl. DVD on the recording session of the album, xerox copy of a collage and of the manifesto 'X' by TNM.

  • Version 4 [ANTi Edition] - 3 Copies.
    Handmade original artwork on sleeve, incl. DVD on the recording session of the album, xerox copy of a collage and of the manifesto 'X' , all by TNM.
    The covers of this is the, TNM ANTi-Artefact 3.
  • Testpress - 5 copies. 
    Limited to 5 copies.
    White plain sleeve, white labels with pasted picture.
    Sticker on sleeve with number of release.

Other: Artwork and CDr is housed in a PVC sleeve.
Recorded at The Cabin, Longlake, Sweden.

Also a different version was released with 'Antiville-Version 2 - Signed' (hypnagOgia).

  • TITLE: Live At The Cabin
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Edition: 3 copies, one of which is included in
    Anti Artefact Number 10
  • Released: 2016, 27th of August
  • Format: Lathe Cut LP

Other: 2 copies is housed in painted LP sleeves with pasted artwork front and back and was archived by both performing artists.

Cut to 180 grams black vinyl with white labels.
  • TITLE: Missverstehen Uns Recht
  • With The New Blockaders
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Edition of 50 copies
  • Released: 2016 October
  • Format: CDr

Other: Also a Special Edition of 10 first copies includes a bonus CDr with the Anti LPs from the Anti Artefact Number 6. They are housed in handmade papersleeve cover. 

Other: Edition of 50 copies.

CDr and shaped 6" s/sided Anti-record is housed in a 15x15cm brown envelope with pasted artwork by TNM.
From the release: 'Released exclusively for the TNM performances at The Snuff Trap, Blyth and The Soundroom, Gateshead, October 2016. NOT FOR SALE'
'Special thanks to Richard Rupenus and Martin Gregory...'
  • TITLE: Anti Fest In The North
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Edition of 23 copies
  • Released: 2016, 30th October
  • Format: CDr


Stamped by hand on CDr in a slimline jewelcase.
'Exclusively released for Stenstans Fördärv in Sundsvall, 27 Nov 2016. NOT FOR SALE'
This was handed out free to attendies at the anti fest in Sundsvall, Sweden the 27th of November 2016
when Wince, Die Kombination, Blådåre and The New Movement was performing. 


Edition of 50 unnumbred copies.

Artwork by KJ. 
Formats housed in a jewelcase with printed artwork. 

  • TITLE: Theory Of Nothing
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM016
  • Edition of 100 copies
  • Released: 2017, 3rd April
  • Format: LP


Edition of 100 copies on white colored vinyl.

Special Edition of 6 copies was available incl. bonus 12" Lathe Cut and CDr in gatefold sleeve with handmade artwork/collages.

  • TITLE: Absturzmusik
  • With: K.T. Reeder
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM024
  • Edition of 100 copies
  • Released: 2017, 31st October
  • Format: CD


Edition of 100 copies in full color digipak with artwork by Richard Rupenus. And a handfull copies where sent as promo copies to TNM Patreons.

  • TITLE: X Box
  • Label: Private & Carpenter Prod.USA
  • Cat. No: TNM003 / HOM-Inc. box 01
  • Edition: 9 copies
  • Released: 2016, April 10th
  • Format: 2LP, DVD, Cassette (C30)

Other: The New Movement with Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau boxset (Manifesto X LP and The Lion Sleeps Tonight), includes one bondage photo (HOM), and insert and sleeve art by TNM. Also includes various bondage devices in the boxsets. Every boxset is similar but still unique.

Other: Handmade covers by Richard Rupenus.
Label art by TNM.

One of the 20 copies is in the ANTi-Artefact Number 8.

Other: Featuring artists: Rod Summers and aNoMaLi. 4 different versions was released.
Version 1 - Anti Edition:
(2xAnti LPs/7"/CDr), Handmade artwork and collage on gatefold sleeves. Covers to CDr and 7" in painted and collaged and affixed inside the gatefold sleeve, also a partially burnt, painted and destroyed manifesto 'X'. Includes A4 size insert, and broken flyer for the perfomance at The Cabin. 
And a 10x15cm photocopy.

Version 2 - Signed: (7"/CDr), fold out cover in plastic sleeve. CDr is housed in a plain white sleeve, which is signed by all artists. Cover by Paul Coates.

Version 3 - Extreme Edition: (7"), black vinyl in PVC sleeve with full color art which is fixed at bottom. Also includes 1× exclusive postcard and 1× photocopy. Artwork and assemblage by Kommissar Hjuler.

Version 4 - Japanese Deluxe Version: (7"/3"CDr/3"DVDr), Limited Edition of 20 copies (18x copies of them are housed in a plastic sleeve with a handmade artwork, collage and assemblied with fried seaweed 'sushi nori', fish hooks, fishing line and pieces on broken LPs from the destruction of the records incl. in The New Movement (2) Featuring Rod Summers & Anomali - Antiville and 2x copies are in a exclusive handmade metal edition with different artwork/collage elements.)

Credits and liner notes are written in japanese only and is printed on transparent OH film, these are inserted in front of the covers.
Partially painted and destroyed labels on the 7" and is etched by TNM in run-out groove as a form of 'autograph'.
Original signed 'fluxus' artwork [10x10 cm] by Rod Summers is included. Sleeve  notes by Kimihide Kusafuka (K2).

Photos of all versions you will find at ANTi-Art Gallery!

  • TITLE: Anti Für Piano
  • With The New Blockaders
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Edition of 25 copies
  • Released: 2016, 26th October
  • Format: MC

Other: Also a Special Edition of 1 copy, a unique anti piano boxset.

Other: Edition of 50 unnumbred copies.

Handmade collage housed in a PVC sleeve with CDr.
From the release: 'Released exclusively for the TNM (plus guests) performance at The Police House, Gateshead, October 2016. NOT FOR SALE' 

  • TITLE: War Lives, War Dead
  • With: Bookwar
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM019
  • Edition of 50 copies
  • Released: 2017, 20th February
  • Format: CDr + 3"DVDr


Artwork by TNM. 

Edition of 50 copies in standard jewelcase packing.
5"CDr with printed partially painted label.
4-panel printed booklet with fragments of partially burnt sheet music collaged inside the booklet,
making each copy similar but unique.

  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM020
  • Edition of 6 copies
  • Released: 2017, 3rd April
  • Format: Cassette + Anti LP


Handmade jacket consisting of 2× decorated transparent thick acrylic sheets.
The jewelcase for the cassette is collaged and painted in ssme way as the acrylic sheets.
Included is also a Anti LP which was used as part of the track on side B of the cassette.
And a handmade original 12"×12" insert is also included. 


Special Edition of 1 copy available and a handfull copies of promo copies where sent to TNM Patreons.

  • TITLE: Kopfreiningung Schläger
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: Silent Tapes - ST.2
  • Edition of 150 copies
  • Released: 2017, 30th November
  • Format: Cassette


Hand-numbered Edition of 150.
Yellow transparent tinted cassette in polycase.
There is no music on this release: the cassette is (intentionally) blank and will defintely not destroy your tapedeck, quite the opposite it will clean 'your tape-head(s)!'
Silent Tapes top tip: Turn volume, bass & treble to maximum and listen carefully...
From release:
'Homage To The New Blockaders - Simphonie In Ø Minor, 1991.'


Other: Source sounds are made from the destruction of a Veronica Moser scatporn-film and from an interview with the actress.

Released on a black C10 cassette, with 2 unique ANTi - CDrs, which has been rolled in glue and then in broken glass, this is made into a keep-case for the tape-case, artwork is glued on to the case.Limited Edition of 23 copies.

The VHS tape on the artwork is a released as
a rare original TNM ANTi- artefact number 1.

Other: Transparent shell cassette filled with concrete (note: this cassette is not playable in a conventional way) housed in a handmade boxset. 

  • TITLE: Inanitatem
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM022
  • Edition: 3 copies
  • Released: 2017, August 20th
  • Format: Reel-to-Reel

Other: Edition of 3 numbered copies.

Special handmade boxset with concrete, paint and collages.
7" Cine Reel is painted.
From release:
'Recorded live at The DOM Garage, 2016 by Benedict Ausland
Noise abolished live at The Old Courthouse, 2017 by The New Movement
Tape erased at The Cellar Studio, 2017 by TNM Sinfonietta
Special thanks to Benedict Ausland (The DOM Garage).
Dedicated to GX (The Haters), Richard (The New Blockaders) and Albert Camus
"If we believe in nothing, if nothing has any meaning and if we can affirm no values whatsoever, then everything is possible and nothing has any importance." - Albert Camus'
  • TITLE: Antipati
  • With: Bookwar
  • Label: Bookwar Records
  • Cat.No: book52
  • Edition: 50 copies
  • Released: 2017, March 15th
  • Format: 7" Lathe Cut

Other: 7" Lathe Cut in clear color.

Edition of 50 unnumbered copies in a hand-/and spray painted sleeve with artwork/collages all similar but unique and label art by Kenny Johansson. 
  • TITLE: Le Nouveau Mouvement / L'humanité a Échoué...
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM-NEIN2
  • Edition: 2 copies
  • Released: 2017, October 14th
  • Format: 12" Clear Lathe 

Other: Ultra Limited Edition of 2 copies.

Printed sleeve, handnumbered and handmade & signed labels.
Includes a limited t-shirt signed by member Kenny Johansson.
From release:
Only available as reward through TNM Patreon in October 2017
  • TITLE: Nein - Klangbeton
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: TNM-NEIN1
  • Edition: 2 copies
  • Released: 2017, September
  • Format: Cassette

Other: Special Club Edition of 2.

Special handmade objet d'anti-art with cassette and a stethoscope.
'Only available as Edward through TNM Patreon in September 2017'.
Tip from artists: Listen carefully with a stethoscope and you MIGHT hear something... or nothing... 


'Changez Les Blockeurs'


A new re-working is being done of the TNB album
'Changez Les Blockeurs' for a Limited Edition of
300 copy edition on LP.
100 of those copies will be "special editions", which will include original artworks by TNB and Kommissar Hjuler.

TNM's part in this, is to do a 'Piano Interpretation and
anti-digitalization' by the album, mastered by Jan Kruml.
This will only be available on CDr in the 100 'special editions'.

More detailed info is coming soon...

ANTi - Artefacts

TNM ANTi-Artefact Number 1.

Edition of 1 copy.
This is a ANTi version of Hate Poem And Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau - Milk Craving Vampires by The New Movement.
Oversized metal box, containing the tape, which was melted, painted and with nails penetrating it.
Boxset also contains burned paper, photos, and a few unique ANTi - artefacts (brown paper bag, inside a note with autographs and signed "X" by both members, and handmade necklace. Also a original pornographic novella from the magazine "Meetings", and a ziplock bag with an ANTi-porn picture).
Box is sealed by duck tape.
Signed by TNM

TNM ANTi-Artefact Number 2.

Edition of 1 copy.

TNM - original ANTi-artefact.
An old VHS cassette with scat-porn actress Veronica Moser.
It is sawed in half and then glued together with hand made artwork.
Comes in a A5 platic case with white paint also contains a photo copy of TNM manifesto called "X", and with glued on tape stripes
on the back of the photo, sealed with duck tape and a TNM - sticker.
This is the original item that were destroyed to create the source sound on the cassette single with the same name.

TNM ANTi-Artefact 3. 

Edition of 3 copies.

Version 4 of the 'Manifesto X' album.
This a handmade sleeve with a ANTi LP pasted directly on cover. Include DVD, xerox copy of a TNM ANTi-collage work and the manifesto X.

TNM ANTi - Artefact number 4.

 Edition of 1 copies.

 A relic from the recording of the album 'Manifesto X' in The Old Courthouse in Ljung, Sweden on the 27th of December 2015.
A sawblade that was used during the recording by TNM and the two nylons, weared as masks by the members on the recording. The sawblade is signed and smeared with the members blood.
Mounted in a black metal frame behind glass with grey silk.
On the back it is mounted a brown paper bag with 9 unique photos from the show and the Manifesto X on photo paper.
Also include a printed CDr with black data-layer with the whole show, unmastered. 

TNM - ANTi-Artefact number 5.

Edition of 1 copy.
Complete collection of tracks from TNM, unreleased, upcoming and released material.
Also with 4 different short videos and a lot of photos and pictures, icons for computer and wallpapers on a
blue "rubbery" USB stick all comes in a leather businesscard holder, the TNM "X"-logo is etched by hand by TNM,
it also contains the Manifesto X on a handmade businesscard and a splinter of a broken mirror, smashed to pieces by both
members of TNM on the 27th of December during the recording of the album "Manifesto X".
The business card holder comes in a black cardboard box with a pasted burnt artwork.
Sealed in old plastic from cigarette packs.  

TNM ANTi-Artefact number 6.

Edition of 1 copy.


Original Artworks by TNM and TNB and 2 ANTi-LPs, 2 cassettes with the album 'Missverstehen Uns Recht' with on one tape, and one tape with a 'Piano Interpretation and ANTi-digitalization' on both of the tracks, also a 2x 3"CDrs with recordings of both of the anti-records being 'played', though they are unplayable in the conventional sense - at least not without the risk of considerable damage to or complete destruction of the needle. 

4x Anti Tapes by TNB and a handmade book.

Mastered by Jan Kruml, Paul Coates and Phil Julian, also a hand made/bind book with both of the tracks music sheets for piano, original artworks by TNB & TNM.

TNM ANTi-Artefact number 7.


Edition of 1 copy!



TNM ANTi-Artefact number  9.

Edition of 1 copy!

Anti-LP/Anti EP 7"/DVDr.
In a plastic binder that have been prepared with various, substances, paints.
Front with pasted picture of a pinup (original photo by Björk [infamous swedish nude photographer active in the 20s-50s], this photo is taken in -49.), and logo printed on burned sheet music paper.
Is a destroyed plated of aluminium mounted and a sticker.
Inside is the original collage, handmade by both members of TNM, this collage was then xeroxed to include in the Version 3 & 4 of the album 'Manifesto X'.
Also contains a live photo from TNM live action show from the 28th of December 2015, a printed copy of the manifesto 'X'.
And all covers from the different versions of the 'Manifesto X' LP.
Photos of members.
There is also artwork on the inside of covers. And info.
Includes 2 original artworks A5 size.
One by each of the members.
And special made polyplastic case for the DVDr, handmade artwork.
The ANTi LP is glued to the photos of T & K & the 7" is made into a A4 size artwork. Intended to mount in a frame. 
All comes in a plastic industrial bag with a taped partially burnt photo of a 19th century lady and sticker. 

TNM Anti-Artefact Number 13.


Edition of 1 copy!

Anti-LP/2x7" single-sided/Cassette

A LP boxset painted and prepared with artwork affixed on front and back.

Special made Anti LP with 2x Single-sided 7" records affixed on each side of the Anti LP and a cassette.

TNM Anti-Artefact Number 000.


Edition of 1 copy!

The box with all contents was used live by The New Movement for the 'performance' at The Jan Van Eyck Academy (Things That Go Bumb In The Night curated by Rod Summers) until it was destroyed, this is now issued as a special edition album in a unconventional sense.
Metal box including 50× CDrs (printed) all housed in slim line jewelcases with original artworks.
1×endless loop tape (C11) with audio, 2×Anti Tapes, 2×10" Anti Shellacs and broken LP record.
Also contains saw, hammer, various junk, debris, grey cloth, original canvas painting collage and balaclavas.
A printed and signed on label (with gold marker by TNM) CDr and DVDr with the audio recording/footage from the 'performance'
in a thick jewelcase with handmade original artworks and booklet (which of course was added after show and are not destroyed)
Several photo copies (15×10cm) from live performance is also included.
Spray painted text: 'DESTROYED' on the box.
The box is prepared with microphones, and ready to connect to amp and ready to be destroyed further by owner,
a C60 blank tape in special made case is incl. for the owner to record the further destruction.
Incl. a special printed t-shirts (size L) only available with this boxset and the replica.
There is also a replica version in which is not destroyed, referred to as 'No.2'.

TNM/TNB ANTi-Artefact number 8. 

Edition of 1 copy!

Exclusive wooden boxset of an old ammunition/explosives box, it has been prepared, painted with various solutions, and with collages outside and inside the box. 

Includes in the box is the following:

1x - 'Nihilisten Auf Schienen' album 10" Single Sided vinyl (painted on blank side) and a special handmade sleeve by Richard Rupenus.

1x 'Anti Simphonie' special collab. album from TNB&TNM on a 
5" Reel To Reel tape housed
in a handmade box with collage elements and heavily painted.

1x 'Abstract Dreams Of The Nihilistic Futurism' compilation album with Robert Desnos, Marcel Duchamp, TNM and TNB. On a 3" printed CDr, in a small clear-blue jewelcase with a printed cover.

Also a handmade plexiglass box with a unique Anti - object.

For more photos: ANTi Art Gallery

TNM Anti-Artefact Number 10.

'Antiville / Live At the Cabin'

Edition of 1 copy!


TNM Anti-Artfact Number 10.
Edition of 1 copy!
Exclusive 'peepbox' with frame, both masks worn by TNM at the live action performance at the Cabin (signed inside by both members),
is affixed in a hand made box (50x40cm), together with broken mirror, spewing tape, crumbled sheet music, metal junk, anti LP (is broken parts from the 20× Anti - LPs used during the live performance, originally included in The New Movement (2) Featuring Rod Summers & Anomali - Antiville, shellac, MC and much more.
All is decorated with a 'metal'-styled wooden frame with thick plexiglas, all is affixed and cannot be opened, this is a so called 'Peep-Box'.
On the back of the 'Peep-Box' is a LP box(handpainted, collaged and prepared), mounted with velcro, so it is possible to remove, if owner want to place the 'Peep-Box'
on the wall, on back there are hinges to hang it up on.
Inside LP Box, is included:
LP Lathe Cut, only 3 copies were made 1x for this release, the other two were archived by members of TNM, sontains the fullength performance at The Cabin.
7" same version as in The New Movement (2) Featuring Rod Summers & Anomali - Antiville.
3xCDrs - contains all 3 different mixes and version of 'Live At The Cabin, housed in paper sleves with artwotk collage.
DVDr is housed in a mini DVD-case with artwork.
Boxset also includes: broken swedish flag, 5 photocopies A4 size from TNM's personal photo archive,
painted insert papers for LP and 7" and a 10x10cm original artwork.

Mastered by Phil Julian.

Artwork by KJ.

TNM Anti-Artefact Number 14.

'Verwirrung Is Nur Ein Teil Des Anti'

Edition of 1 copy!

12" Shaped Anti-LP/3"CDr/3"DVDr/ Cassette

A special cylinder shaped boxset, painted with affixed artwork.
Inside boxset is the 3"CDR, 3"DVDR, Anti-Statue Record Object and a cassette.
Also included is a balaclava work at the show by TNM member and 6× photos from TNM
private archive taken at Morden Tower, Westgate Hill Cemetery, etc. In Newcastle-upon-Tyne during
the TNM tour.

Mastered by Paula Nomali.

Artwork by KJ.


Other: Limited Edition of 50 copies.

2 printed CDrs in a standard double jewelcase, with a 4-panel booklet on exclusive glossy paper.
Also contains a original artwork [5"x5"] by
The New Blockaders, everyone is a unique piece.
Artwork - Richard RupenusOriginal Artwork - TNB
Tray Art - TNM
Compiled By, Producer [Produced], Layout, Concept By, Artwork - Kenny Johansson.
  • TITLE: Moondog Tribute
  • Label: Hate Poem Self-released Split Series
  • Edition: 96 copies
  • Released: 2016, 16th November
  • Format: LP Picture Disc
  • Track: Mondo Del Cane Luna

Artists: Hate Poem & aNoMaLi, Kommissar Hjuler, GX Jupitter-Larsen, The New Movement, Myasorubka,
Rod Summers and Extraordinary Sundog Mooncat.

Produced and artworks by Kenny Johansson.

4 additional versions was also made.

  • TITLE: Utiliser Le Désespoir!
  • Label: Bad Summer Records
  • Edition: 30 copies
  • Released: 2017, 20th June
  • Format: 7xCassette + Boxset
  • Track: Vi Får, Hvad Du Fortjener! (Part I & II)
  • Other: Artwork by Jimmy Vermin and TNM.


Other: Dedicated To TNM and a special thanks to Kenny Johansson.


  •  Side A: Depleition - Platelayer Part i
  •  Side B: Wrest/Xazzaz - Platelayer Part ii

  • Artist: The New Movement
  • Title: First Anti Statements
  • Label: unknown.
  • Cat No. none
  • Country: Japan
  • Edition: 4 copies
  • Released: 2016-05
  • Format: Cassette

Other: 'Dedicated to R. & P.D. Rupenus...' 

Unofficial release! Bootleg!


  • Side A: Opus X 1.1
  • Side B: Opus X 1.2
  • Side C: Silent Symphony
  • Side D: Blank X
  • Artist: The New Movement versus Assemblie
  • Title: Two Little Boys
  • Label: Loxley Tapes
  • Cat.No: none
  • Country: UK
  • Edition: 22 copies
  • Released: 2016-08
  • Format: Cassette

Other: C90 (some of them on new tapes and some on recycled) housed in regular jewelcase with original anti-artwork entitled 'Blank Negative' by Kenny Johansson (TNM).

And six business card sized inserts with credits, quotes, details, TNM logo etc.
All is kept together with handmade slipcase.
From back of slipcase: 'Dedicated To The Rough Sex Quartet'
Some copies did include a pin button from label Fuckin' Amateurs.



  • Side A:
    A1. TNM - First Movement
    A2. TNM - Second Movement
  • Side B:
    B1. Assemblie - Live At Niemans
    B2. Assemblie - Hit By A Wall
    B3. Assemblie - Live At Ridley
    B4. Assemblie - Live In A Bedroom
  • Artist: The New Blockaders, The New Movement, Rough Sex Quartet, Tighten Me Jewels, The Black Unknown
  • Title: Even The Deaf Can Hear The Cash Tills Ringing
  • Label: Fuckin' Amateurs
  • Cat.No: FA102A
  • Country: UK
  • Edition: 17 copies
  • Released: 2016, 2nd November
  • Format: Cassette

Other: Bootleg, unofficial.


  • Side A
    A1 - Tighten Me Jewels - Tribute To The Black Mallets 
    A2 - Rough Sex Quartet - Behind The Toilet Door 2 
    A3 - The Black Unknown I Could Murder A Bacon Sandwich 
  • Side B
    B1 - The New Movement, The Jew Blockader - It's Not Kosher 
    B2 - Unknown Artist - VS. TNM
    B3 - The New Blockaders, The New Movement, The Jew Blockader - Why Sell One Tape When You Can Cut It In Half And Sell Two ... It's The Basics
    B4 -  The New Blockaders - Die Jagen Lowen 
And six business card sized inserts with credits, quotes, details, TNM logo etc.All is kept together with handmade slipcase.From back of slipcase: 'Dedicated To The Rough Sex Quartet'Some copies did include a pin button from label Fuckin' Amateurs.

  • Artist: The New Movement versus Funeral Dance Party
  • Title: Call It A Drawer
  • Label: Fuckin' Amateurs
  • Cat.No: FA 101
  • Country: UK
  • Edition: 10 copies
  • Released: 2016-10
  • Format: Cassette

Other: Regular jewelcase with the pins broken off.
And a xeroxed copy j-card. And one sided insert.


  • Side A
    TNM VS FDP TNM - Antiville VS FDP Shop Monotony 
  • Side B
    FDP - 'tara bill'
  • Artist:  Johansson/Rupenus
  • Title: Antimerica - The Land Of Nothing
  • Label: Private
  • Cat.No: none
  • Country: UK/Sweden
  • Edition: 5 copies
  • Released: 2016-10-25
  • Format: Lathe Cut

Other: Handmade sleeve by RR and additions by KJ.
Transparent Lathe Cut. 1×of the five copies was included in the sale of the painting which inspired the recordings. Both tracks composed using recordings made at an industrial waste site, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2015 - '16.


  • Side A
  • Side B
    The Land Of Nothing
  • Artist: The New Blockaders, The New Movement, The Jew Blockader
  • Title: High Quality Low Noise
  • Label: Fuckin Amateurs
  • Cat.No: FA102
  • Country: UK
  • Edition: 2 copies
  • Released: 2016, 31th October
  • Format: Cassette

Other: Bootleg, unofficial.


  • Side A
    The New Blockaders, The New Movement - Les Sylphides 
  • Side B
    The New Movement, The New Blockaders, The Jew Blockader - Coppelia 
  • Artist: Johansson, Auberjonois and Ogden
  • Title: Neglected Since Birth
  • Label: Obskyr Records
  • Cat.No: OB009
  • Country: Sweden
  • Edition: 25 copies
  • Released: 2017-02-13
  • Format: 2xCassete

Other: Recorded live at Club 93, Quebec, Canada, march 2016.

Edition of 25 unnumbered copies.

2×black cassettes housed in a vinyl case with printed artwork behind plastic.
Inside box is a unique artwork attached.